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Cordova 微信分享插件 (iOS, WP, Android)

先上 GitHub 链接 https://github.com/vilic/cordova-plugin-wechat

因为词焙需要, 然后现成的没有好用并且平台覆盖全面的, 于是就参考已有的自己写了个.

没有具体去看最低支持到 Cordova 多少, 但 3.x 应该问题不大. PhoneGap 估计也差不多.

支持三大系统, 除了安卓外, 基本不用额外配置, cordova plugin add com.wordsbaking.cordova.wechat –variable APP_ID=[你的AppID] 之后相关配置 (包括 URL Scheme) 都弄好了.

分享的内容只支持文本, 图片和链接. 以后空了再增加其他支持.

安卓需要额外修改一下 plugin.xml, 具体的参见 GitHub 上的说明.

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iOS Web Application Directly Using Online URI

Will Apple App Store approve web apps that directly using online URL and resources?


When I submitted my app to Apple App Store, I was worrying about a rule that forbidding downloading code in any way or form. And as a web app that downloads its main code only after installation, it does seem to violate this rule. But luckily, it’s finally approved.

Apple App Store http://itunes.apple.com/app/id843170841
See also the Windows Phone version http://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=a3e70b25-b048-4bef-996f-cc2b30a6eda2

And congrats to myself that WordsBaking is scheduled to be FEATURED in Windows Phone Store (China) tomorrow. ;)

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