Vibot 2011.3.10

I don’t know if this moment should be called too late or too early…

After hours’ work, I have finally made the outline-searching algorithm for a formatted map. I know it cannot be called difficult to many programmers, even not for me. But the feelings are good, cause I don’t write this kind of code usually.

I thought about how to find the right route efficiently for sometime, and came out with this solution. Firstly find the possible part of the whole outline, and… enumerate every point on it… I don’t really like enumeration, cause it always means inefficiency. But sometimes you know, It’s unavoidable.

So, I really need to go to sleep now.

Hope me a nice day after waking up!

Vibot 2011.3.7

I formally started my robot project today. And when I was about to write this post, I got the project a temporary name, Vibot.

I don’t have a very good skill on algorithm, so I am beginning with a relatively simple thing — find an available route on a formatted map. I have thought for a while, and come out with a seemly simple solution. I’ve no idea if it will be easy to make it via CODE…

And by the way, I really think the most useful skill on mathematic for these kinds of algorithms is Geometry.

Best wishes to myself!