C# Refresh System Tray Icons (Remove the dead ones)

I was writing a small tool to restart a related application when it seems to stop working. As I don’t want to spend much time on this thing, I use Process.Kill to do that part of job. But after that, I will need to clean the notification area and remove the dead system tray icons.

I made searches and found one working great on my computer running English Windows 7.


However, when I copied it to the server, the code was just doing nothing. As I am not familiar with Windows API and its programming, it took me a long time to realize the problem. Though the window titles such as “User Promoted Notification Area” are not visible, it’s been translated on the non-English Windows OS.

So I tried Spy++ (which I am not familiar with, either), and found out the Chinese ones for those strings.

“User Promoted Notification Area” => “用户升级的通知区域”
“Overflow Notification Area” => “溢出通知区域”

I didn’t find “Notification Area” one, and guess it’s on Windows XP. But I think it should be translated into “通知区域”.

And, it now works like a charm. 😉