Windows Phone C++ Load System Dll Using LoadLibraryExW

I was trying to write a Windows Phone 8 app using undocumented API. @imbushuo told me that there was an example on xda-developer using complete Windows API on a store app, and it works great.

And then I found a better implementation from this post in Chinese (The approach is actually mentioned in a comment of the post in xda-developer). Though it’s missing some part.

Here is the core code of the implementation mentioned above:

#include "pch.h"

typedef struct _CLIENT_ID {
	PVOID UniqueProcess;
	PVOID UniqueThread;


typedef struct _MODULE_LIST_ENTRY {
	struct  _MODULE_LIST_ENTRY* Flink;
	struct  _MODULE_LIST_ENTRY* Blink;
	DWORD* baseAddress;


typedef struct _PEB_LDR_DATA {
	//    BYTE fill[0x1c]; x86
	ULONG Length;
	BOOLEAN Initialized;
	PVOID SsHandle;
	LIST_ENTRY InLoadOrderModuleList;
	LIST_ENTRY InMemoryOrderModuleList;
	MODULE_LIST_ENTRY* initModuleList;


typedef struct _PEB {
	//    BYTE fill[0x0c]; x86
	BYTE Reserved1[2];
	BYTE BeingDebugged;
	BYTE Reserved2[1];
	PVOID Reserved3[2];

} PEB;

typedef struct _TEB {
	//BYTE fill[0x30]; x86
	NT_TIB nt_tib;
	PVOID EnvironmentPointer;
	PVOID ActiveRpcHandle;
	PVOID ThreadLocalStoragePointer;
	PEB* currentPEB;
} TEB;

typedef HMODULE(*LoadLibraryEx)(
	LPCTSTR lpLibFileName,
	HANDLE hFile,
	DWORD dwFlags

int __cdecl main(::Platform::Array<::Platform::String^>^ args) {
	TEB* teb = NtCurrentTeb();
	HMODULE kernel = (HMODULE) teb->currentPEB->ldr->initModuleList->Flink->baseAddress;
	LoadLibraryEx LoadLibraryExW = (LoadLibraryEx) GetProcAddress(kernel, "LoadLibraryExW");

	// do your jobs...