The Two Possibilities

(This article is partly the same with a previous one)
I have thought about the producing of consciousness for a long time. And days ago, I got an important inspiration from a common sense: we cannot remember anything that happened when we were too young, at generally less than 3 years old. But why?
I think there are two possibilities. And either of them has the same necessary condition —- we can feel ourselves. Just try to remember anything that’s without your consciousness. But I guess you can’t.
So, get back to the possibilities.
The first one is that our memory system might not be powerful enough to “record” our consciousness when we are too young. So, even if the things happened are recorded, our consciousness are not, one can never remember a thing recorded without our consciousness.
And the second one, which I believe is the truth, the very young human beings have not got clear consciousness cause the regular activities in our brain is not complex enough (I believe regular activities of anything can produce consciousness) to produce clear consciousness.